Scars of a Magician


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Derrick Blackwell is a teenage magician who is fighting his emotional demons on whether to walk a good path in life or dive head first into darkness. He lives in a magical hidden village in the Old Creek Mountains.

While attending Seven Moon High School, Derrick comes across a Mythic Red Wizard Book from a creepy old lady in the woods selling stuff from her carriage.

Derrick thought he found just a cool magic book, but realized what he really had was a powerful wizard book that was supposed to be lost.

After Derrick’s last magic spell with the Red Wizard book, he got caught with it in his possession by a few of his mom’s patrol members. From that point on Derrick’s choices would set off a domino effect that would change his life drastically.

ISBN: 9781478776222
Format: 6 x 9 Black & White Paperback


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